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The Chris Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing financial and social support services to families of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses. Since launching in 2015, CHF has served more than 3,000 families – an average of more than 500 per year – throughout the country.

The funds raised by the Foundation are used to meet the needs of families facing financial burdens as a result of childhood cancer treatment-related disruptions. This ranges from making a child’s birthday by delivering their dream gift, powering a college education, easing the burden of medical bills, or covering other expenses related to a cancer diagnosis.

In 2015, Chris Hope visited a friend’s child who was in cancer treatment in Memphis, Tennessee. In the room next door, a mother with her child in treatment, both far from home, sat fretting about how she would make her next mortgage payment in their hometown.

When childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses take families away from their home lives for treatment, it also takes moms and dads away from their jobs. It takes kids away from the comfort of their own belongings.

After talking with the mother next door, Chris Hope wanted to help. He and some friends pooled together their money and made a financial gift to the family — enough to cover their mortgage payment that month.

The Chris Hope Foundation was born on that day.

Our work helps ease the financial and emotional burdens families face when their child is in treatment or hospice care. You are critical to the success of that work! 

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Recent donors
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Jul 01 Damon Manning Thank you for the work you are doing. $11.50
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Jun 29 Peter Cotros $27.48
Jun 28 Beth Wilson Thanks to CHF for all you do! ♥️ $107.35
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